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Commissioning may be considered as a process.
Commissioning is a quality-oriented process for construction, verifying and documentation
of a building or a building system, of installation requirements, obligations and defined targeted criteria.

1. Pre-Design Phase
Develop Owner's Project Requirements
Develop Initial Commissioning Plan
Commissioning Process Issues
Step 1 - Identify and Record Issues
Step 2 - Calculate Avoided Costs
Step 3 - Evaluate Calculate Avoided Costs

2. Design Phase
Review and Modify Project Specifications
Verify Basis of Design
Update Commissioning Plan
Accomplish Design Reviews
Develop Commissioning Process Contract Document Requirements

Pre-Bid Meeting
3. Construction Phase
Conduct Pre-Construction Meeting
Contractor Submittal Review
Construction Checklists
Delivery Book
Pre-Installation Checks
Installation and Start-Up Checks
4. Occupancy and Operations Phase
Final Commissioning Report
Seasonal Testing
On-Going Training
Warranty Review
Lessons-Learned Meeting

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